Warden Robert Parker's Message

On behalf of our rural Municipality, it is with significant anticipation and great hope that our Council is launching a website for our high-speed internet. 

I believe that this project could be the impetus to push Pictou County ahead of the pack. We need to have that special advantage that makes us a step ahead of the rest when it comes to where people want to settle and raise their family or establish their rural business. We have our warm beaches and beautiful scenery and extra friendly people along with good infrastructure.

Having the best rural internet service in Atlantic Canada will put us in an enviable position to attract new growth and development.

Some areas and even some roads have reasonable broadband service now, from various providers while many others have either no service or something similar to the old dial-up.  While everybody must make a personal decision on what is best for them and their family, I would encourage everyone to think hard before they make that decision. Even if you are fairly satisfied with the service you presently have, please consider joining our Pictou County rural network as the more households that join us, the greater our chance of success and thereby the greater service we can give to all of our rural areas. In other words, by joining our network, you not only receive the best internet service available, but you also help those residents father from the centre to also enjoy quality and affordable internet.

We are grateful that both the provincial and federal governments are contributing to make this project a success.

On behalf of our Council, I ask each and everyone to consider joining with us to allow all residents an opportunity for these essential services, high-speed internet at a competitive price. You can help us to help all of our rural residents and make Pictou County a leader and a centre of growth.