Seasonal Policy:

  1. If you do NOT pay property tax directly to MOPC for the property your seasonal occupancy is on you will be subject to paying the equivalent of 50% of the installation fee- so $250- for the internet services to be installed.  This will include a wireless access point.
  2. If you DO pay property taxes but are asking for more than one connection on the seasonal property you own- you will receive one installation free but not additional installations.  You would be subject to the $250 installation fee for additional installations.
  3. All seasonal connections are eligible for a seasonal disconnection rate as outlined below-


**You must be fully connected for 6 consecutive months before you are eligible for a seasonal disconnection rate.  **

  1. You MUST notify us in advance of your next invoice for your disconnection and reconnection days. 
  2. We will not issue refunds if your invoice has already been processed for that month if you have not notified us in advance of the change of services for that month.
  3. We will only prorate invoices on a half-month basis based on connection/reconnection times. 
  4. The monthly charge when on seasonal disconnection is $20 plus HST to hold your spot on our network.