How to Connect

If you live in Rural Pictou County and want our wireless internet service, just fill out the form in the link below. It's simple and there are no fees or commitments upfront. 

Our MOPC FirstHome Wireless Service offers two options: 25/5 for $49.99 and 50/10 for $79.99, plus tax. There are no contracts or data limits. During installation, we'll test your signal strength to determine which package works best for your location.


Click here to sign up for wireless service


If you want super-fast internet, fibre is the way to go. Our fibre network offers speeds up to 1GB, giving you top-notch internet at an affordable price.

Right now, our fibre network covers several communities including Lyons Brook, Durham, Mt. Thom, Central West River, Green Hill, Alma, Salt Springs, and Loch Broom Loop. We're also accepting pre-orders for the Sunrise Trail.

If you live along Highway 6 from the Pictou Rotary to River John, you might be eligible. The main fibre line along this route is already installed, and those who pre-order will be the first to get connected in 2024.

Fiber provides the fastest internet in the county starting at just $34.99 per month. You can pick the plan, provider, and speed that fits your needs.

To see if you're ready to connect to MOPC's fibre network visit

If you need assistance signing up, call 1-833-727-2256.

Choosing your internet service provider

There are three high-speed internet providers available on MOPC’s fibre network, all offering excellent service. Prices and packages vary depending on the provider and your data needs, ranging from $34.99 to $100 per month. Visit the website or contact a service provider directly to sign up.


What is the difference between Wireless and Fibre Service?

The MOPC is making sure rural residents have fast internet in two ways:

Wireless Service - The MOPC has 17 towers to give residents internet. This works by sending a signal from the tower to an antenna in your home or business. We use different technologies to get the signal to you, even through wooded areas. Speeds start at 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload. The MOPC sells this service itself, keeping costs low. Installation and equipment are free, and we'll check your signal during setup to ensure it's good. However, bad weather, geography or trees can weaken the signal.

Fibre Service - This involves installing a fibre line from a utility pole to a box outside your home, then another box inside, all for free. After that, your chosen internet provider will give you the equipment needed. Unlike wireless, fibre gives consistent speeds up to 1 Gb without weather or landscape interference.

The MOPC isn't directly selling fibre service to residents. Instead, it's leasing fibre and equipment to internet providers (North Nova Cable, TNC Wireless, and NCS), who will provide and bill you for the service.