As you can imagine,  Hurricane Fiona has created some new work for us on our rural broadband project.  At the very least, we are bruised but not beaten. 

We are in the process of accessing the fibre that has already been put in place in the Lyons Brook and Hardwood Hill area to see what repairs need to be done and crews are continuing with fibre installation along Highway 4 towards Mount Thom.  

For residents who received a letter from the municipality stating they can now sign up for the free data utility connection to their home, Telecon will resume customer hookups for those in the queue for service beginning October 24. 
If you have received a letter, but have not put in a request to be connected as of yet,  it is recommended you do so immediately.  The connection of the data utility is being done free of charge while work crews are still in your area.  This does not mean you need to select an internet service provider, but instead that you have taken the first step to getting connected to the MOPC Rural Broadband Network.  

In regard to our wireless service, towers are also being accessed for damages, but wireless service is still expected to be available by late fall.  Testing is continuing on the Hardwood Hill and Mount Thom towers.   When wireless services become available, residents will receive a letter with instructions on how to connect to it.  

We apologize for these new delays, but we are doing our best to get back on track. 



Posted 19 months ago by Sueann Musick