The Municipality of Pictou County has been getting many questions about Develop Nova Scotia’s recently announced rebate program for Star Link.
We are happy to provide the link to the program and information made available by the provincial government and Develop Nova Scotia, but this is not our rebate program. The MOPC is currently building its own broadband network that includes wireless and fibre connections, but not satellites.
The link to determine if you are eligible for the rebate program is
We certainly want our project to be supported by residents, but we also understand that there are people who need better internet services now. If you are ineligible for the DNS rebate program, it means that we are doing our best to provide you with high-speed internet service by end of 2023. It will be sooner than this for many people as our wireless services are expected to be available this fall for $50 a month. Fibre is also being tested in homes in the Lyons Brook area now and more homes will be added as the project expands throughout the county.
We are not here to discourage anyone from considering the provincial rebate if this is the best option for you, but if you have questions about it, we suggest you contact
Telephone: 1-800-298-2854
From Develop Nova Scotia:
Currently, the satellite rebate is available to the approximate 3,700 homes and businesses for which no other wired or wireless internet solution will ever be feasible, as well as those who have a project underway but are not scheduled to obtain access until after December 31, 2023. We want to be sure that these addresses have the first opportunity to secure satellite services. Because your location is expected to be covered under the current MOPC project before Dec. 2023, it wouldn’t be eligible for this rebate, at this time.
There is a possibility that it may be eligible in the future. Depending on program uptake over the coming weeks and months, we will assess how best to expand the program further.
To be eligible for the rebate, applicants must enter their OWN civic address. There are instances where one address is eligible while another next door or down the street is not eligible at this time – in those instances, the addresses not eligible are likely scheduled to be covered by the wireless project underway. The list of eligible civic addresses not receiving access until after December 31, 2023, was provided to Develop Nova Scotia by the MOPC.

Posted 21 months ago by Sueann Musick