The Municipality of Pictou County is offering a select number of households a FREE (approx) 30-day trial of the service. After the ~30-day period, if you choose to keep the service, you will be contacted via email to either continue for a monthly fee of $49.99 plus HST, or to cancel the service with no charge to you.
We are seeking trial customers to help test the new system’s bandwidth and capacity. Interruptions could be expected in the early days as we conduct testing and upgrades.
The areas of the county eligible for the free trial include:
Scotch Hill Road, Scotch Hill
Hardwood Hill Road, Heathbell
Durham Road, Scotsburn
MacKeen Road, Scotsburn
MacLeod Road, Heathbell
Second Division Road, Scotch Hill
Stewart Road, Rogers Hill
Stewart Road, Lyons Brook
Loch Broom Loop
Please Note only 10 homes are being used for the test period. These homes are testing the signal from the Hardwood Hill tower and we expect that once testing is complete in about 30 days and service will be open to all eligible residents.
To register as a test home,, please do so no later than September 9th by contacting
Installation involves placing a small dish with a radio on a tripod (smaller than a tv satellite dish) on the house- usually the roof or the eaves- and running a single wire into the home where a wireless access point is place to provide wifi.
If a strong enough signal is not found, they may be provided with a quote on what can be done to bring in the signal- but in some cases, there may not be a solution. Current services do not need to be removed or cancelled until the end of the trial if you wish to remain with MOPC as their service provider.

Posted 22 months ago by Sueann Musick